Packaging Your Arizona Business For Sale

Packaging Your Business To Sell


Premier Sales was approached by a business owner who had his Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning business listed for sale, but the business did not sell. He claimed to have had only 1 interested buyer during his agreement. The owner was frustrated with the results. He wanted to sell his business.

Premier Sales completed an analysis and market valuation of the business. While our value range was similar to the previous intermediary's analysis, we recommended packaging and presenting the deal to include the working capital required to successfully operate the business. We understood that working capital required to sustain the operation would eventually arise as a potential obstacle for prospective buyers given the seasonality of the business model.


Premier Sales created a tailored offering package and marketing plan and developed powerful targeted marketing materials which specifically appealed to interested buyers looking for this type of business. Premier adjusted the offering terms and deal structure to compensate for the working capital requirements without lowering the offering price. Premier was able to procure a buyer and successfully sold the business.

Bottom Line:

Careful planning and preparation, along with an in depth understanding of how to present and package a business from a buyer's perspective, will greatly increase the odds of successfully selling a business.

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Transaction Briefs

Below are actual scenarios where Premier Sales utilized its experience in fulfilling its client's strategic objectives in various stages of the Premier Transaction™.

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Packaging Your Business To Sell