Closing The Sale Of Your Arizona Business

Closing The Sale


The founders of a plant nursery and landscape business had tried several times over the years to sell to a minority owner / partner of the business. The founders and the partner were motivated. Yet, somewhere from initial agreement on the Term Sheets to finalizing a Definitive Purchase Agreements, the deal fell apart every time.

Frustrated, the owners engaged Premier Sales to sell the entire business to an outside third party. Premier Sales completed an analysis and market valuation of the business and placed the business on the market. During the marketing phase of the Premier Transaction™ the minority partner again voiced a desire to buy out the founders. Premier gained agreement from both parties of the fair market value for the business. Premier Sales then worked with the buying partner on securing financing and crafting a deal offering that provided both parties the advantages of a stock sale.


The founders extracted the cash needed to retire from the business with the lowest possible tax rate. The remaining partner gained 100% ownership stake in the business, secured additional working capital and utilized minimal cash outlay to complete the purchase resulting in an excellent ROI.

Bottom Line:

There are many obstacles, complexities and emotions which can stop a transaction. Using a trusted and skilled third party intermediary who is experienced in traversing the issues can improve the likelihood of a successful sale.

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Transaction Briefs

Below are actual scenarios where Premier Sales utilized its experience in fulfilling its client’s strategic objectives in various stages of the Premier Transaction™.

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Closing The Sale

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