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What Is Smart Money Doing Right Now?

1st Quarter 2017

At Premier Sales, Inc., we are engaged in on-going discussions with business investors and Arizona business owners spanning a wide range of industries. These conversations provide an interesting backdrop for understanding what is happening in today's market.

Political Landscape Change

When Trump won the White House, we saw a significant shift in people’s perception of the future economic growth/business growth. Prior to the election, business planning sessions focused on tax strategy, accumulation of cash reserves, conservation of dollars, and limitations on expansion. Post-election, business owners were far more optimistic about the future and the planning shifted to capital expenditures, expansion and growth efforts.

Now, we are approaching an election year. Typically in an election year, we see hesitation in the market place. However, we are not seeing signs of hesitation. We are noticing more caution in discussions.

Market Conditions

We continue to see a lot of money in the Mid-Market and Privately Held Company space. Corporations are seeking acquisitions. Mid-Market Companies are acquiring their competitors. High net worth private investors are looking to buy good solid businesses. Private Equity Groups (PEGs) previously lowered their minimum deal size threshold and are beginning to inch the minimum size up. See Completed Transactions under Experience Tab.

For businesses that have experienced solid growth over the past few years, we are recommending organizations review their financial performance metrics and re-calibrate for efficiencies and effectiveness given its new size.

Demographic Shifts – Exit Planning

Everyone knows that the Baby Boomers are aging into retirement at a considerable rate (10,000 boomers turn 65 each day). However, have you put this into context? Baby Boomers were the most prolific creators of businesses in our nation’s history. Yet, when it’s time to transition out of the business owner seat, who will fill that seat? With Generation X and Y being smaller population groups, it will be the Millennials, a population group that is larger than the Baby Boomers. And, yes, this is the most educated generation (34% with college degrees) in our history. It is also a generation:

  • graduating from college with an unprecedented high level of student debt (exceeding $1 trillion);
  • having fewer to become independent renters or heads of households;
  • heavily valuing lifestyle and recreation time;
  • viewing homeownership as less important than the freedom to pick up and go

So why is this relevant? Ask yourself this question, “Does the psychographic profile described above match up to what it takes to be successful in the business owner seat that I occupy now?” We believe that the prospects for finding a buyer or someone to take over the business are significantly reduced in the future as the demand for these prospects increases dramatically. Business Owners who are planning their Exit will be able to exit on their terms when they are ready. See Transactions Briefs.

What is the Opportunity for You and Your Business?

Privately held businesses that meet the PEGs acquisition requirements are positioned to capitalize on a liquidity event – in other words, sell your business on favorable price and terms. For privately held businesses that do not meet the PEGs requirements, the business may meet the requirements of a strategic buyers looking for growth and market share.

As a business owner, the Time is NOW. Planning your exit is critical. The best plans take between 3 and 5 years to execute. It’s like investing money. The more time we have, the better the results. We are committed to your success. See How to Extract Business Wealth.

To learn more about Business Exit Planning and Business Succession/Continuity Services, click here.

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